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Emotion Code

The entire human body is made up of pure energy. Imbalances, like trapped emotions, in the body’s energy field obstruct the flow of energy, which can lead to almost any type of health issue. Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of the Emotion Code, believes 

that approx. 90% of all ailments and challenges we experience are rooted

in trapped emotions. While energy work does not directly heal or treat 

any condition, by releasing trapped emotions and addressing other

energetic imbalances and blocks, it stimulates the body’s own inherent

ability to heal itself.

As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I am able to locate the most significant trapped emotions or imbalances in our sessions by using muscle testing. I simply ask your subconscious mind "yes or no" questions to locate the imbalances. We are then able to clear or reset those imbalances, which helps the body function how God intended it to.

What is a Trapped Emotion?

Dr. Bradley Nelson the founder of the Emotion Code explains it best in these videos. 


What is a Heart Wall?

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