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Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Alicia’s gifts have been such a blessing to our family! I have tried Western and Eastern healing approaches for myself and my daughters. Alicia’s body code has made the biggest difference! This is especially the case with my teenage daughter’s chronic headaches and neck pain. After years of searching for a solution, we saw improvement in my daughter almost immediately! For my own healing, I have tried many options and felt immediately lighter after one emotion/body code session. She’s amazing!

Angie A.

I’ve been working with Alicia since October 2022 and our Body Code sessions have become one of my favorite parts of my week. Initially I started seeing her because of some trauma and grief I am facing from a family member’s addiction, and we have since started looking at several areas in my life where I may have trapped emotions or trauma. It has been life changing for me and I have recommended her to many people. I’ll continue to be a client as long as she’ll have me! 

Chelsey D. 

I had such a great experience working with Alicia.  She did 3 sessions with me as well as 3 sessions with my newborn son.  I was having back pain and my son was having really bad colic.  Alicia was able to pinpoint some things that were related to these issues and made several supplement suggestions.  After our sessions and implementing the supplements into our routine, my pain level decreased and my son's colic got so much better. He laughs and smiles so much now instead of constantly crying and being in so much pain.  I am so thankful for Alicia and her determination and dedication to helping us feel better.   I would definitely recommend Alicia to anyone struggling with their physical or mental health.  She is very knowledgeable and such a genuine person who wants others to feel their best. 

Amy B. 

Baby Lying Down
" I’ve been working with Alicia for several months now. We have had at least 8 sessions. I had several symptoms I was struggling with. Digestion, gas pain, back pain, not sleeping well, stomach problems, pain, stress. Alicia is very easy to talk with. I felt comfortable from the start with her. She recommended a few products to me. I’ve tried them and after several days a few people approached me and commented how I look so good and must be feeling better. The Clarity Alicia helped me find woke me up and guided me to where I want to be." 

Julie B.

Man Hiking in Nature

Although I did not start any sessions with Alicia yet (hope to do so soon) I was able to tell a lot of good things by the first consultation I had with her. Alicia is a motivated sincere practitioner who wants healing for the client and listens to their concerns. I had a lot of questions about emotion and body code and she took her time to explain it to me thoroughly. She is true and honest with the client and I am confident that she will be a messenger of God to bring healing to others. I definitely would recommend her.


Alicia has helped me get to the bottom of some nagging health issues that were giving me a variety of symptoms.  She can pinpoint & clear issues whether it’s by individual organ or by the troublesome symptoms themselves.  It’s an unconventional, energy-based approach so it may sound unusual, but it’s effective.  I find it helpful to use this technique on issues where I have not gotten answers anywhere else.  Some issues are due to my own life experiences or even those of my ancestors. No traditional approach is going to properly consider these factors & address these areas that can drastically affect your health & hold you back from totally healing. I am confident you will find as many answers as I have


Man running with bridge in background

I’ve never had an HTMA done before, but I’m so glad I did it! It’s real data that showed me which nutrients I was deficient in, and Alicia was able to pinpoint and explain why I was feeling the way I was. Prior to my test, I was suffering from insomnia and occasional headaches. I made a few diet changes to incorporate the minerals I was deficient in and felt great after just a couple of weeks. My energy has improved, I’m sleeping better, I haven’t had any headaches and I’m able to train harder and for longer! Who knew this simple test and slight diet improvement could lead to better overall health! Thanks, Mineral Wellness!!

A. P. 

I would give Alicia with Mineral Wellness 5 stars! Initially, I was skeptical of hair mineral testing. After researching it more and periodically asking Alicia questions, I finally worked up the courage to test. That was about a 6-8 week lag period and not ONCE did Alicia bother me about trying it out or make me feel like I should do it. As soon as I was ready she was happy to help!


Testing itself was slightly confusing but Alicia sent me documents that explained everything; plus, she was readily available for questions. I felt the price was very fair as well. As soon as the results came in (which took less than 2 weeks), she immediately emailed me with about 5 or 6 time frames that worked for her to talk to me about the results, allowing me a lot of options. It turned out that none of the times worked for me, but we were easily able to figure out an alternative time that worked.


During our consultation conversation, Alicia systematically explained all the results, bringing it down to a much more understandable level. I felt overwhelmed since my results looked bad, but she reassured me that it could be much worse and that I was helping myself now, which was what mattered. After our conversation, she emailed me everything we talked about, which was enormously helpful considering there was a lot of information and a ton of suggestions. She didn’t make me feel like I had to do all the suggestions immediately, and she was available to answer questions within the same day, sometimes minutes. She was my virtual cheerleader throughout the process! It’s been 4 months, I feel great, and I’m excited to retest soon to check my progress!

Samantha H. 

Mother and Son

Before working with Alicia I suffered from chronic migraines, pain, anxiety, and low energy. I was skeptical of how much HTMA could help me but willing to give it a try. Right now I've worked with Alicia for 6 months and I now know what my body actually needs. Alicia helped me make a healing plan and after only a couple of months I was feeling so much better! Overall my pain has decreased and I have so much more energy.


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