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The word nourish really resonates with me, especially when it comes to healing. In today’s world so many of us are under nourished. Our food is no longer the natural whole foods our great-grandparents grew up on. Today, even the healthiest fruits and vegetables no longer have the same vitamins and minerals they used to due to commercial farming and nutrient depleted soils. On top of that, many of us struggle to even absorb the nutrients in our food because of decreased stomach enzymes, as well as a leaky gut. When we can’t absorb minerals, the rest of the body cannot function properly, because minerals are our building blocks. This is why I like to put a huge focus on gut healing with my clients. We need a healthy functioning digestive system in order to break down our food properly and extract the vital minerals from it.
In addition to focusing on gut healing, I take a look at each individuals Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and focus on ways that we can boost mineral content through natural foods and whole food supplementation. When eating foods to boost nutrient content, organic is always going to have the most nutrients. Organic is best and I stand by that, however I understand that is not always possible for everyone.  In an ideal world we would all be eating organic, but today, I believe each person must make the best choices that he/she can and if that means only eat non-organic whole foods then that is still better than eating processed foods. In our consultation we can talk about what will work best for you, as well as, discuss the ways to prioritize which foods and products should be selected as organic only.

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Balancing our minerals is really the key to our health. Each cell, organ, and body system vitally depend on minerals as the building blocks. Through HTMA we can see a person’s mineral levels as well as mineral ratios. Together those numbers give us a very good picture of what is going on inside the body. HTMA can tell us someone's metabolic rate, nervous system health, vitality, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormonal health, blood sugar stability, cardiovascular health and overall immune system health. If even one mineral is not within range the entire body is affected and so many health symptoms can be caused because of this imbalance. Once we work on balancing these minerals your body will start to heal itself, you will have more energy, and troublesome health symptoms will start to decrease.



I believe in supporting gentle detox. When most people read the word detox they usually think of juice cleanses, fasting, or taking a bunch of “detox” supplements. While all those methods will stir up toxins in your body, it is sometimes hard to get them fully excreted. In addition, harsh detoxes can be especially hard on individuals with weakened adrenals, thyroid, or immune system. I have heard stories from many people telling me they went on a “cleanse” to heal “X, Y, and Z” and afterward they ended up feeling worse.  The cool thing about our bodies is that they were made to filter toxins, however, today there are so many toxins that our bodies have a hard time keeping up. Our detox pathways get clogged and instead of filtering and excreting toxins, heavy metals, and extra hormones they end up getting stored in our tissues. When these things are stored in our tissues it can cause major problems for us.
HTMA can give us a good picture of your detox pathways and the toxic element measurement on the HTMA can give us an idea of which heavy metals your body is struggling with most. In my practice I’m going to assure you that I will not be recommending any harsh forms of detox. I like to focus most on supporting detox pathways; especially the liver. When you support natural detox pathways and balance your minerals, your body starts to detox itself in the way it was designed to. Once this happens our bodies start working better and then we start feeling better.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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